Garry Old, founder of COFC LogisticsGarry Old is the founder and president of COFC Logistics, LLC. He has worked in the transportation industry since 1984, with experience in both the retail and the wholesale sides of the intermodal industry. Garry’s reputation for identifying market needs and producing a way to fulfill those needs for all parties involved is the backdrop that led him to recognize the market necessity for a neutral provider of 53’ intermodal equipment for intermodal marketing companies (IMCs), brokers, freight forwarders and other intermediaries. COFC Logistics, LLC is the culmination of Garry’s vision, insight and over 25 years of industry experience.

Prior to launching COFC, Garry was Vice President of Intermodal Marketing for Interdom Partners, where he was responsible for expanding and maintaining relationships with the rails, drayage companies and steamship lines. Garry joined Interdom Partners in 2000 as Assistant Vice President of Intermodal Sales and Marketing to develop a program to reload excess import containers with freight back to Port cities for the steamship lines. He networked with IMCs, freight forwarders, NVOCCs, 3PLs and other intermediaries to generate business.

From 1994 through 1999, Garry owned a franchise for Mark VII Transportation (currently Exel Transportation) and built the company’s revenue up from zero to $15M per year. In late 1999, Garry sold his franchise to Schneider National Carriers Inc.’s newly formed Optimodal division. During the one year he was required to remain with the organization, the company transitioned 100% of its existing business as well as continued to grow the business.

Garry was employed by Hub City Ohio Terminals, Inc. from 1986 through 1993, initially as a sales manager, where in his first year he increased the company’s gross revenue by 150% in Northwest Ohio. He was promoted to General Manager in 1988, and managed 20 customer service/operations personnel and four sales managers. His group maintained a 5% net profit margin and was recognized by Forbes Magazine as the 120th fastest growing company in America. In 1993, Garry was promoted to Vice President, transferred to Cincinnati and within one year turned around an unprofitable office. Garry’s skills were recognized by the Hub Group, and he was selected as a Total Quality Management (TQM) instructor and facilitator, nationwide.

Garry started in transportation in 1984 as a sales person with Expert Freight, where he was rapidly promoted to Intermodal Operations Manager for the company.


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